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Briefly, introduction of my self, my name is Iordanis Kioumourtzoglou, I grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece, and I moved to LA in 2009, when I 
was 26 years old to work as a 3D Artist. In this page, I would like to share with you my Vanlife adventure, and how you can build and take 
ideas for your van. I can design your van in 3D, so you can have an idea how it looks before you build it.
If you don’t have the time, I can also build it for you! Feel free to contact me.

Here is how my adventure started. From a young age, I always dreamed to have a van for my sport activities, fit my camping and sport 
equipment, be able to road trip anytime and sleep anywhere without thinking to look for a hotel. I remember, in 2003 in Greece, my best 
friend and I, were thinking to buy a 50's VW Bus someone was selling in the neighborhood, never happened.


My first car was a Hyundai Matrix, a nice family minivan.


​​​​​I really enjoyed it for almost 3 years, driving it all around Greece, from mountains to the seas, skiing and kitesurfing. In September 2009 I moved to LA. Outdoor culture and vanlife here is huge and you see vans everywhere, a fact that made me desire one more.

For the last 4 years I was checking online to find a Toyota Van LE. A beautiful, non common 80's van, you don’t see very often on the roads, 
maybe at that time the competitive van for VW Bus. Also Toyota has a strong engine, cheap maintenance, good gas miles, and a reliable name.

Finally, in Sep. 2018, my dream became real and I bought one. I named it Flipper The Van.

Why I named my van Flipper: "Flipper" was my tag name in high school. When I bought the van there were lots of mechanical problems. One of them was the "Center Arm". The part doesn’t exist in the market anymore and I had to rebuilt it. Which meant mailing the old part to @rarepartsinc for remanufacturing. At that time I thought the cheapest and the easiest thing to do was to find an old part from another van in a junk yard. And I found that guy with a sticker saying “Flipper” (pic above), I took the part, rebuilt it and replaced it in my Van.. From that moment a new Flipper was born.. Thank you!!

Flipperson's Life  /

New Van New Adventures. A Subaru Libero 4WD from 1991.  

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