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1) Surf/Skate Photography: 

• 45~60 mins session 

• 4/8 Edited Photos 

• Digital Download

      Price $80

2) Surf/Skate Photography: 

• 1½ hours session 

• 10/14 Edited Photos

• Digital Download

      Price $140

3) Surf Photography: 

• 45~60 mins session with housing in the water 

• 4/6 Edited Photos 

• Digital Download

      Price $180


4) Get into Photo Editing and Retouching (using Lightroom & Photoshop):

• 1st meeting free (welcome class) 

40mins classes 

• Any level (for ages older than 8 years)

      Price $30 per class

Depending on your level, we will discuss how many classes you would like to take. 

Also you can choose to learn just one of the software. 

For bookings or classes please contact me here or via @iq_artwork and I can meet you online or at your preferred Surf Break or Skate Park in SoCal.

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